Our males:


CH Majestic Pride Chivas
of Little Big Horn

We just got our fabously rossetted boy home. Thank you Pamela (Majestic Pride) so much for this super sweet and fantastic boy. One of the best looking bengals I have ever seen in Europe and America.

 More pictores of Chivas



Little Big Horn's Absalon

Our own breed after Ch Gogees Margae and Jumanjii Avis. 


CH Jumanji Danish Beluga

Our first bengal male was Beluga. He comes from Martha Brady USA. He is covered with beutiful outlinede rosettes - even on his tail. He has tiny ears and nice big eyes. He has a wonderfull temper and loves the show hall. Beluga has not faded - his is nearly 6 years on this picture !!  Read more about him on his own page.

Belugas page

Belugas pedigree


Assam Sanji

We will very soon introduce our new male (kitten) Assam Sanji here 

Pictures of Sanji

2001-06, Little Big Horn DK