Our queens:

CH. Gogees Lika Margae
Photo courtesy Gene Ducote - Gogees

Margae is no less than incredible ! She is now 7 years and has still an outstanding contrast with her bright background colour and really outlined black arrow rossets with a  hot red center. Besides that she has a very wild body type. Margae decends from the rare Bristol line.

We got Margae from Gene Ducote, and we are very gratefull for this famous queen. 


Little Big Horns Sofie

Our new queen after Miss B and and Beluga.

This girl has a great WOW factor. Very good contrast, pattern, long body and some nice head traits. On of the best girls that we have produced.

  more pictures of Sofie


Little Big Horns Venus

Our queen after 
Gogees Margae og Jumanji Avis.

We are very thrilled about Venus great pattern and her stunning outlined rossets.




Little Big Horns Miss Behavin'

Miss Behavin' is such a sweet and funny little girl - you are never bored around her. She has very outlined rossets and a nice horisontal flow to the pattern. Her parents are Gogees Lagniappe and RW SGC Gogees Warpaint. 

See Miss Behavin's pedigree here

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Little Big Horns Surprise

Our 2005 keeper !!

She is after Venus and Beluga. She has lovely "exotic" colours with a very good contrast and nice outlined rossets. We do also like her rounded ears, profile, whiskerpads and long body. On top of that she is a very very sweet kitten. 


Lopend Vur Rexona

We have had Beutiful Rexona from Kirsten and Michael in Netherlands - and we are so very grateful! Rexona has a terrific temper. She is very social and very good with children. Moreover she has a very horisontal flow and excellent contrast: Ink black spots on a pale yellow background.

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Panthers Pricilla

We have had Pricilla from Rebekah Wright in Australia. We are so happy to have her, because she is SO beautiful. She has the most incredible clear coat - also at the top of her back, and she has a lovely light but warm basecolor and black spots. Her color is very true - she looks the same in any light and from any angel. That girl is something special!

Click too se Pricillas pedigree

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