Project outdoor run

On this page we will describe how we made our outdoor run.

The first part was the creation of the fencing. The idea was, that the fencing should be flexible, so we could move it later without to much trouble. Moreover we thought it would be a good thing to have the possibility to put it together in different ways, so it could be changed to more seperate runs. 
The solution was to make 8 individual modules (2x2 m.) The modules can be put together with a clicksystem 

The resent location of the run makes it possible to use a brickwall as the backwall. Therefore our run is 8x4 m.




We choose to cover the run with a wireweb on the top. Some sort of cover is nessesary because the cats runs up and down the fence, and find that very amusing!

The roofmodules are 4x1 m. Those modules are a bit bulky, and maybe they should have been smaller - 2x1 m. We choose the rather large proportions because the roof can then  rest on a  lath on the brickwall and on the front fence.

All the sidemodules stands on a single layer of bricks. The bricks are LEVELED on top of a little gravel, so that about half the brick is under the ground.

So basically what you need is: 

Side modules, roofmodules and bricks. 

It can be quite expensive to build such a run. If you choose a less flexible solution it probably could be cheeper. 


  • Approximate 40 x 1 m.  2,5x2,5 cm (1mm thick wire) for the sidemodules
  • Approximate. 35 m. x 1 m. "chicken web" to the roof
  • 160 m. laths
  • 2500 staples, a lot of nails/screws, hinges, fittings and so on.

Because Beluga spend some of the winter outside we have made him a little house. It is 8 m2, and it is connectet with the run with a tube, that the cats runs in without any problems.

Inside the house we have made a "hotbox" where there always is 20 degrees centigrade. There is two rooms in the box, and the cats just love to chill out in there.

We hope that this description can be a help for the ones who thinks about making an outdoor run. One thing is sure - our bengals just love it! In the morning they can't wait to go out there. So it is surely worth all the hard work!


The interior of the run is tree, bamboo and a little waterbassin. The cats love the toys, and they are so much fun to look at when they plays outthere.