Kittens for sale

Googes Little Big Horn (Scarlett) and Jumanji's Danish Beluga.

Two black spottet kittens - born d. 11' March.




Scarlett (mom)

Beluga (dad)

Belugas pedigree
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Male (Reserved - is going to Australia as a SHOW kitten)

3 weeks old

11 Weeks old

Female  (3 weeks old) - Sold 


Alirose Tira og Jumanji's Danish Beluga. Kittens born 
d. 9' April ( 2 BST males, 1 BST female and 1 mable female)



 Tiras pedigree
Tiras homepage
Belugas pedigeree
Belugas homepage

Alirose Tira og Jumanji's Danish Beluga. Born d. 9' April

Contact us for futher information (pictures etc.): 

Male kitten 1 (Available)

Female 1 Breeder (SOLD - going to Holland)
Male kitten 2 (Reserved )

Female kitten 2 (Available). Tri-colored

6 weeks old



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