14 December New pictures of kittens
5 November New pictures of kittens and our new girl CH Gogees Lika Margae
17 August  Pictures of Pricilla and Beluga's litter on the kitten pages
22 July- 2003 Pictures of our new litter (Rexona and Beluga) on the kittens pages
3. may-2003 Update with new pics of our females and gallery pages
23´ January Generel update of homepage with new pictures. 
13' November Pics of Lagniappes kittens
6' October Pics of the kittens uploaded
28' August
Scarlett has born a very nice litter of BST kittens today. Read more about this litter at the kitten page.
13' August
New show results:

We had a great time at the internationally catshow in Tåstrup, with nearly 500 cats attending. Both Jumanjii's Beluga and Little Big Horns Pawprint was doing a very good entrance!

Pawprint got BEST IN SHOW - he could not have done that any better :-)))

Beluga got his Champion title and did win one showring.

Click here to see Belugas Show results

7' August 
In the start of September arrive a new beautifull bengal queen from USA. She has just been breed to RW SGC Googes Warpaint.

Read more about this


Show results:

Jumanji's Danish BELUGA got his Certifikat and became Best spottet fertile bengal and not at least The shows best shorthair fertile male. 

We are very proud of him

Click here to see Belugas Show rersults

01.07.02 New kitten pictures!!
19' 2002
The first pictures of Tira's litter are now uploaded. Clik here

09' 2002
Tira has born 5 kittens today. 
04' 2002
Two black spotted kittens available (See the kitten page for pictures)
February 05' 2002 Tira has been breed to Beluga (See the kitten page)
January 04' 2002 Scarlett has been breed to Beluga (See the kittens page)
August 23' 2001 First uploading of this homepage
August 21' 2001 After a lot of work our outdoor run is finished. Sorry only in Danish

Right now we are making a cathouse. It is also a big project, that we will tell about on this page